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I'm so sad all of the time. I dwell on stupid crap that shouldn't mean anything. I can't leave the house, there are days I can't even use the phone. Am I a bad mom? I've missed and rescheduled Dr and dentist appointments so much that they don't let us come back. I have no motivation. Caffeine and energy drinks have no effect. I feel I'm missing out on life. Meds don't seem to help. I exercise and eat healthy. I write. Nothing helps.

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You are not a bad mother. sometimes we all have to learn how to overcome things, new coping methods etc. If you wanted you could try other medications to find the right fit. Your trying with what you can, all you can do is try again. When you cant get out of bed, think about your kids, do those things for them. I deal with some of the same stuff you do, and i also need to start listing to my advice instead of listing to the thoughts.

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