Fighting with my fiance... not sure how to make him happy

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My fiancé and I got Into a fight. We had spent all weekend together ad was up late. When he couldn’t sleep at night I was up with him. And because I was tired I slept in late too. I had school work to finish for college. And it took longer then I expected today. I wasn’t feeling well already and my computer was giving problems. He wanted to go to the mall with me but sadly my school work that was do today took up two hours more of expected time. He got mad and said I should of had it done earlier this week and I honestly asked when I am supposed to do that? I do what I can. I have 3 projects a week for school, work full time and yet I do all I can to spend time with him and make him happy. It was 6pm and I said we can still do something. We can go bowling, go to the movies, go ice skating, go play pool , play a game , stay home and have wine and watch a movie. But he didn’t want to and said I ruined his weekend, even though we had an amazing weekend together.  

I honesttly am not sure what to do to make him happy and show him more time and change my schedule. So I wrote a poem to express how I feel. 

There she lies shivering 

Beneath the rain falling upon her face. 

Doing all possible to make them happy 

But losing herself along the way. 

Work, school, relationships 

Her life is on a clock work. 

squeezing everything in, 

Yet No time left for her. 

Alone in bed, 

Wishing to be with the one she loves,  

Butterflies rise in the stomach 

As a storm breaks the two apart. 

Praying for rest,

Apologizing for peace,

Yet aching in pain-

For alone she’ll always be. 

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Fighting with my fiance... not sure how to make him happy

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@Tiffany I am sorry to hear that you got into an argument with your boyfriend. Sometimes busy lives can cause such arguments to occur, but hopefully you both talked it out by now and are feeling ok again.

I know with my busy life my partner definitely gets upset/sad that I am often busy, but I am working, when I am not working I am stuyding, when I am not studying I am applying for a job in my career, so it is not like I am lazy. It is important that you set time for each other, and it seems like you do and did make an attempt to do so even though there will often be times when you just can't realistically do so and the other needs to be understanding.

How are you both now?

If you do not mind me asking what is your age and how long have you been both together?

I enjoy reading your poems too!

Fighting with my fiance... not sure how to make him happy

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I hope you are not feeling alone... your boyfriend needs to also be there for you too and be understanding. Hope you got that from my message above.

Fighting with my fiance... not sure how to make him happy

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our argument thankfully ended and things are much better now. I have just been more depressed then usually so even small arguments are oddly upsetting me. We have been together for 6 years. I am 27 years old. 

Fighting with my fiance... not sure how to make him happy

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Hi @Tiffany‍. I am glad you worked it out. You are very strong and courageous... despite everything, I greatly enjoy seeing you exercise your talen for writing poems and admire how you stay so positive.

I hope you depression episodes continue to become less and less.

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