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i honestly give up on things getting better because it doesnt matter how hard i try nothing changes, its pointless to get your hopes up when everytime nothing works out so im just done trying, whatever happens happens, i really dont care anymore. Im not saying this to bring anyone down but if things were going to get better they would have by now. I mean how many years of misery should 1 person have to put up with before they throw in the towel

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Feeling Hopeless

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Facing a brick wall can be tough. You try and try and no matter what you do nothing seems to work. I can definitely relate. Some days knowing the challenges that are waiting for you when you leave the house just makes you want to stay in bed. It sux but please don't give up. Continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep trying. You may be closer to a breakthrough then you realize. When you overcome your obstacles and challenges the reward is so much better 

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