Feel depressed but afraid to open up


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Not one much to talk about myself. I fight the quiet battle like so many others. I feel sad about feeling isolated, but afraid to say anything or try to talk to anyone. It's very hard to risk opening up even a little to another person. I don't really know how to take that leap of faith.

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Feel depressed but afraid to open up

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hi there! I think you've already made the first step - you told us you are feeling sad! so I think you are already opening up a little, which is great, because I find it helps talking to others, especially those who understand what you're going through. You are probably afraid of being hurt, but here, or on any other website, you are safe, as people you talk to don't know you, so they won't be able to hurt you! That's my way of seeing things and I think it helps. Cause it was hard for me to open up about my diagnosis and stuff, but I actually found that talking to people online and sharing your worries has a positive effect on my depression. So i say go for it. Good luck 💪

Feel depressed but afraid to open up

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@Murphy17 I think @kicknit is right! You have already opened up here, on Carenity, and it's a great start! 👍

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