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I know not a lot of people would like to talk about their issues with their family, but, I know someone might at least... so if anyone wants to talk go ahead. But I will start it off, I feel like my parents don't love nor trust me anymore... they constantly blame me for not loving them, say things to me that aren't true, and always think I'm lying to them... and I don't know how much longer I can take it! They never give me respect and yet I still give it to them while they say, "Once you respect us! We will respect you!" and I don't know how to get them to realise that... Just like I don't think my dad cares how I feel anymore, because, I was cleaning the kitchen like normal sooo, I decided I was gonna sing to myself, well do you know the song Silent Scream, well that's the song I sang. He is in his chair, and I know he can hear me, I did that on purpose thinking, 'Hey, if he listens to the lyrics, he will understand what I am trying to imply here,' so I sang while cleaning, even having it on repeat so he can re-hear it again, and again, and again! But all he does is lazily, sleepy-like, tells me to "Shut the fuck up..." then snoring! So I'm now here, like, 'WTF' and even my friend I have on hangouts who, kinda understands me, was like, "He is the most stupid-ist person in the world if he didn't catch the drift!" of coarse, I stood up for him, telling her not to call him stupid, but in my head... I knew she was right... I just... didn't want to admit it.... welp that's my family issue of today... I hope you guys had it easier than me...

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Family issues

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Hello @The_Death_Of_Ashes 

Thanks for starting a new thread and sharing your experience. How are feeling today?

Feel free to post in the other threads as well if you haven't already. There are a lot of new members and discussions appearing and together we can help encourage one another.

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Family issues

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 I can understand family issues. My mom and dad are the greatest parents I'll say that. It's not really an issue that is present but is emotionally embedded in me probably for the rest of my life. My biological father. When my parents married, he as my brother remembers was the best parent maybe even very over protective. I was only four when they got divorced but after that he started to change drastically. He wouldn't take us any more time than what the court ordered even though my mom tried. As we got older he started doing less things with us and became more miserable and degrading. I finally left for good at the age of 15 because he forgot my birthday. He hasn't tried to contact me since. I think he is the majority of the reason why I struggle in self esteem and anxiety with depression. My own father couldn't even love me so it's like how can I even love myself.

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