Depression and strained family relationships - Advice?

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Lately I've been wanting to move far away my children have hurt me more then ever my grandchildren are my world but these people that my children had children with are relentless and evil it hurts cause I can't see my grandchildren I worry cause I can't see them they worry about me .but it also disturbs me that my family turned against for evil people . 

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Depression and strained family relationships - Advice?

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@Missystrong77 Hello Missystrong77, thank you for starting this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with your family, it must be very hard on you and your grandchildren. Let me tag some members who can maybe share some advice with you.

Hi everyone, how are you today? emoticon cute Have you found that strained family relationships contribute to your depression? Or the opposite, the your depression negatively affects your relationships? What have you done about it? Is there a way to ease tensions and mend relationships while also taking steps to help depression? Do you have any advice for Missystrong77? Feel free to share here!

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