Depression worsened by chronic pain

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For the last two days I have to suffered with severe back pain and be left ankle pain due to having a crushed L 5 disk in back it has made my depression worse.  Have taken  meds and it still is out there.

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Depression worsened by chronic pain

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@Junebug1954 Hello Junebug1954, thank you for creating this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain. Pain and depression can be closely related; it can create a vicious cycle where your pain worsens your depression, and then your depression worsens the pain. Let me tag some other members who can maybe share some advice or support.

@jasmine1092‍ @Chester301579@thelma69@Joyce042203@TylerC9043@Starzie11@Alekzis_Infektious@Jewell‍ 

Hi members, how are you doing? Do you find that your chronic pain impacts your depression? Or vice versa? How do you cope with it? Feel free to share any advice or support with Junebug here!

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