I feel betrayed by a friend


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I have a wonderful friend name Sara, and she got a messy relationship and she told me, told her brother, and grandfather that she was going to God and ask him to guide her in the right direction then, go out get a little bit of counseling then, get a job, so that, she could save some money for a 1 bedroom apartment to learn how to love and live with herself, get time to know herself and find herself. And she gave us her word, we believed her.

 Now, she was separated a month but less than a month later some random Venezuelan boy named Luis, whom she hardly knew, ran into her, talking about having a relationship with him. Then, a month later, she said that he gave a card, some chocolates and a balloon and then invited him to her house and they stayed out until o’clock. Then, she kept bringing Luis up over and over. Then, she was talking about them moving in together then they fooled around had a baby by him due to a One Night Stand, then they eloped a week later. Now, she never told any of us that she was pregnant and when I found out she had a baby by him, I had a serious meltdown. I remember going to store angry taking it out on others that has done nothing to me because her relationship. Her relationship caused us a lot of friction. She broke her promise to me, and I was very frustrated for the last 2 years because of that. I have blood pressure problems and I have been having a lot of meltdown and lost a lot of friends due to arguments because of this. Now, I’m still not able to focus and I still have anger problems and meltdowns. 

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I feel betrayed by a friend

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I feel betrayed by a friend

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Hey, I know the feeling. Check out my post, that I wrote.

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