I feel like my family is manipulating me


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I've had several family members attempting to convince me that I'm not experiencing the things that have come to past. I've been told that I'm crazy, I should have given up along time ago, & that everything's all in my head. I'm not for sure what they want from me, but they are willing to go through extreme measures to follow through.

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I feel like my family is manipulating me

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@NJ2020 Hello NJ2020, thank you for starting this discussion. I'm sorry to hear that you feel like your family is manipulating you. Let me tag some members who may be able to share their advice or stories with you:

Hi members, how are you doing? emoticon cute Have you ever come into conflict with your family because of your depression? Have you ever felt like they don't understand your depression or even that they are trying to manipulate you? What do you think NJ2020 can or should do? Feel free to share any thoughts or advice here!

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I feel like my family is manipulating me

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Sometimes I feel like my family doesnt understand my depression and bipolar. I would maybe try to get them to go to a family support group with you or maybe go to a therapy session and let them feel free to address their questions and concerns. Maybe if they hear from a professional they would understand it better. 

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