Does anger trigger your depression?

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My depression seems to get triggered when someone disrespects me. Does anyone else get angry when they're depressed and lash out at the ones you love because you feel jaded in life? Sometimes I get so confrontational that it just prolongs my depression out of shame.

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Does anger trigger your depression?

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Hi @TAGyoureit‍, thank you for opening this discussion. Depression is different for everyone and can often encompass many more emotions than just sadness. Let me tag some other members who can potentially share with you.

Hi everyone, have you ever felt like your depression is triggered by other emotions? Have you ever felt like your emotions swing from one extreme to another? How do you manage this? 

Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Does anger trigger your depression?

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I've been sober for about 500 days now, and what I can see is no, Ive never been one to get angry, I get sad then it just doesn't stop for weeks on end. I'm on medication now, but that only helps so much. It's when I get complacent, that's when my mind goes to a very dark place.

Good question for sure Courtney

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