Feeling like I'm not good enough


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Feeling like I'm not good enough

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It sounds as if many of us share this feeling.  I suppose it has more to do with some chemical misfire in our bodies than an outside reality.  
How dreadful that our own minds are abusing us like this.  We are not weak.  We are not useless, despite what our whirling-dervish minds are concluding from their badly stirred thought-soup.  
I think we may need to reach out and remind each other that this is NOT reality, it is the illness.  We are ILL!  We are not lesser.  
We "get it" way better than the general population.  Although, I have my suspicions that many, MANY people recognize what we are all saying here.
I look pretty damned competent when I'm "out in the world".  But, whoo-Nellie!, here in my home office, alone with my thoughts, I feel as if I've been perpetrating fraud after fraud all my life and suspect that others know it and are laughing at me. 
My brain is a bully when we are alone.  F
I'm new to carenity.  I don't really know how any of this works, but I'm happy to be a shoulder for others.  I know I'd love to be able to just spill my guts in a safe place as well. 

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