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Has anyone tried CBD with any success in treating any aspects of Chron's, especially the pain? 

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CBD and Chron's

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No, but I'm about to.  I need to cease using cannabis or seek a new line of work.  Even though I'm complying with Ohio law and have a prescription for cannabis, it does not protect me from misguided industrial WAR ON DRUGS-era random drug testing.

I just came out of the only surgery I've needed for treatment in over 30 years of dealing with my Crohn's.  Cannabis kept my symptoms under control, and I've not needed to subject myself to harsh medical treatments over the years, at least until 2015. (I was diagnosed in 1985.)  I've been very lucky to have a mild to moderate case that only in the last couple years became more painful to manage.  Allergic reaction to Imuran, and up until this June I was on Entyvio, since August 2015.  That and Celexa have knocked back the disease to where I now feel better and have less active disease than I've had since diagnosis.  Due to the surgery, Entyvio was stopped, and I really need to get it started again.  After that, if I find things going sour again, CBD is the first thing I'm going to add back into my treatment, but for me frankly, cannabis use has not been so much for pain as preventing the hyper-gut, clenching, twisting, bouncing around activity that ends up causing pain.

CBD and Chron's

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@Userlevel6‍ was your success with cannabis the THC/CBD blends? or was it pure CBD?

After your surgery, if you stopped medication, did your symptoms return? did you remain in remission or did you begin to experience significant flares? 

- very interested. Thank you.

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