My sister has Printzmetal angina? Anyone have it or have any advice?

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Hello everyone,

My name is Missy and my sister has been recently diagnosed with Printzmetal angina.

She experience distinct and severe chest discomfort for no reason... she is kind of confused why and is unsure about what she can do besides the medication she has been provided.

Does anyone have any input or advice on what she can do and what I can do... if anything ... to help her.

Thank you.

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My sister has Printzmetal angina? Anyone have it or have any advice?

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@mysister I too joined this site to find help and connect with others for conditions that a family member has... She does not have this condition, but I hope you find the answers you need. I did some research on the condition and it seems the chest pain is from  spams referred to as coronary artery spasms. Some people use nitrate which they say helps... do you know if she is on nitrate? 

Is she seeing a specialist?

From my experience, sometimes doctors do not provide the information neccessary that should be provided to a patient when they are diagnosed with a serious condition. I would gt with your sister and compose all the questions and concerns you have for the doctor and compose them an email and have them respond. If they are a good doctor, I think they would respond.

I am sorry I cannot be of more assistance.

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