What is your bladder cancer diagnosis story? Let's share!


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Hello everyone, 

How are you today? emoticon cute

I thought I would create this discussion so we can all get to know one another better!

So, what is your bladder cancer story? What was your diagnosis experience like? How old were you when you were diagnosed? What symptoms were you having that let you know something was wrong? What treatments have you undergone? How are you doing today? 

Feel free to introduce yourself and share you story here! 

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 7/16/20

What is your bladder cancer diagnosis story? Let's share!

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@Courtney_J Hi, thanks for getting this started! I've been feeling a bit alone on this site. I was diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer in late 2018 after having a few weeks of blood in my urine and constantly needing to urinate. My doctor gave me a full range of tests to eliminate other things and boom, turns out it was cancer! I'm glad I went in when I did and that my doctor was proactive, because we caught it at a good time. I had a TURBT procedure to get the tumor and see if it had spread, and then BCG a few hours later. It was all relatively easy and worthwhile because I'm still cancer free today!  

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