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After a biopsy report is complete, often an appointment is followed your doctor to discuss the results.

Sometimes findings are briefly disclosed over the phone, while others the results may be known for the first time at the appointment... Either way, this follow-up appointment is one of stress and anxiety, so going in with a list of questions can ensure you do not forget any you wish you could ask.

Please use this discussion to give advice to, and share with, others on what questions one should ask in this important appointment.

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Questions to ask after biopsy results are in - share

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This is a great question. Having been diagnosed with bladder cancer and having received treatment, I would recommend you ask your doctor What are the results of the biopsy in detail, such as the grade and how invasive the cancer is (how spread out it is). Also, if before this, any lab results are ran, ask to have those explained to you as well. Do not feel rushed.

Ask about your treatment options and any possible clinical trials, depending on the grade and invasiveness. Ask about your prognosis. Ask for him to explain the pros and cons of the possible treatments related to your prognosis. and how each treatment could affect your life. I would then recommend going home, doing research on your own and getting a second opinion.

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