What Triggers Your Asthma? How Do You Control It?


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Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways caused by an increased airway hypersensitivity to various stimuli. Factors that trigger asthma can include respiratory infections; allergens such as pollen, mold, animal dander, dust, food, and cockroaches; exposure to cold air or sudden temperature changes; cigarrette smoke, etc.

What triggers your asthma? How do you control it? What proactive measures do you take to control it.

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What Triggers Your Asthma? How Do You Control It?

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For me, I am often triggered by cold weather and any home with pets... but cats make it worse for some reason.

I try to stay very warm when it is cold out: use a heater in the house with a humidifier and make sure I bundle up warm when needing to venture out. I also have a remote starter installed in my car to heat the car up pretty good and park in the garage, so my exposure to cold is minimal in the mornings.

As far as animals... I take allergy medicine because I love them and use a air purifier/cleaner machine (forgot the technical name) for pet allergens and it seems to help and I also wash my covers, etc. often and minimize the amount of time the pets get on any of the furniture or my bed... but it is impossible to do it 100%.