What is your top tip for managing your asthma?


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Hello everyone :)

We regularly talk about different things that can trigger asthma, such as weather/temperature, allergens (like pollen), and different seasons, but what about the things you do to manage your asthma?

Some of the tips are, such as, using a scarf to cover your mouth during the winter, keeping the windows shut and avoid high pollen times in the spring, etc.

What do you do to manage your asthma? Any tips or tricks to share?

Share your top tips for managing asthma

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What is your top tip for managing your asthma?

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Hi... make sure to learn your asthma triggers. There are common triggers among us all, but some people, like me, a simple trigger such as stress can set me off. The next would be to use these triggers, and your medicine, to keep your asthma under control and take of your self health wise and asthma wise.

What is your top tip for managing your asthma?

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@knsasmyhme I agree. know your triggers and keep your asthma under control. I also recommend to play around with the termperature of your house, but do not make it too drastic from the outside (unless you live in parts of the country where the temperature can fluctuate drastically and have all 4 season) - where I live in CA it is pretty a general temperature most of the year.

However, with that said, I noticed that a temperature in my house makes me less prone to asthma attacks. I have found that 72 degrees is the correct temperature for my asthma.

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