What is your asthma story? Let's share!


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Hello everyone,

How are you doing today? emoticon cute

I thought we could use a space to introduce ourselves and talk about our experiences with asthma.

What is your asthma story? How were you diagnosed? Were you diagnosed as a child or as an adult? How are you doing now? What medications or treatments have you tried?

Feel free to share your story, your advice or your support here!


Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 6/23/20

What is your asthma story? Let's share!

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@Courtney_J My mom had asthma when I was growing up, but I didn't really know much about it. I ended up being diagnosed when I was about 10 after having a major attack at school. I had no idea what was happening and it was really scary. I feel like with age my asthma has gotten slowly worse. I really can't be active like I used to which is so hard because I love sports. I was on Qvar for a while but it stopped helping, so my doctor had me add dupilumab and it's been a help.

What is your asthma story? Let's share!

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I started having asthma type symptoms in 2009 however it appeared to not be significant as Spiromotery and breathing test came back as normal. PCP kind of brushed it off which truly made me brush it off.  My chronic Cough/Chronic Bronchitis was consistently treated with Inhailers. Would last for months at different times of the year. I ended up with whooping cough that took almost a year. Pulmonologist had me on all types of inhalers like Spiriva, Symbicort, Breo, Albuterol Inhaler , Albuterol Solution and Xolair. Multiple rounds of steriods and multiple rounds of antibiotics. Since March 30, 2020 I have already been on 4 rounds of antibiotics and 7 rounds of steriods. New Pulmonologist that I have been seeing for about a year has done bloodwork that shows high Esop. High Neur % so he is now trying to get me on Dupixent. Hopefully soon. On Monday 6/22 was feeling bad for two days ended up urgent because of increase SOB then normal and feeling like a brick was sitting on chest. Urgent would not see me because of my symptoms. Ended up in the ER they checked to make sure no pulmonary embolism or heart attack . CT showed partially collapsed lung in the lower part of lungs. Currently doing nebulizer traeatment and steriod tapped. Hopefully I will be on something that will consistently be affective. 

What is your asthma story? Let's share!

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I was diagnosed in my late teens. Normally I have a good handle on it and keep it under control besides the occasional flare up, but I had the flu back in January and I've had a hard time coming back from it since. I had a round or two of steroids and that helped a bit, but I'm not where I was before. A scary time to be having asthma + other breathing issues!

@BeachLife18 Wow I hope you're feeling better!

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