Do You Exercise With Asthma? Recommendations and Tips?

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While exercise is known common trigger for asthma symptoms, it has also been shown to benefit all individuals, including those with asthma.

Here are some tips for exercising effectively and safely with asthma:

+ Warm up first.
+ Try to breathe through the nose as much as possible.
+ Wear a scarf or mask over the nose and mouth in cold weather.
+ Avoid outdoor exercise when pollen counts are high if allergies are present with asthma.
+ Do not over exert during exercise.
+ Carry an albuterol inhaler for rescue if needed.

Do you exercise with asthma? What types of exercises / recreational / sporting activities do you participated in? Any recommendations and tips to effectively and safely persom such activities with asthma?

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Do You Exercise With Asthma? Recommendations and Tips?

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I do exercise with asthma and in-fact find it helps. I always bring my inhaler incase, but have yet to be in such emergency. I do not use any stimulants to exercise, so I think that helps.

I do not exercise outside when it is cold and monitor my own exhaustion based on the Berg Dyspnea scale learned from PT. I recommend it to monitor your breathing and fatigue levels.

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