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Hey all... I am looking for some exercise recommendations or ways to stay slim and healthy. Doing exercise has become progressively difficult so looking for any advice.

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Exercise Recommendations?

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Hey @mark48‍ try not to look at exercise the same way as you did when you were without AS.

Exercise for us can come in small movements, working to maintain the posture and mobility as best we can, while limiting the pain. Of course the magnitude or intensity of the exercises will be limited by the severity of your condition.

For example, you can do some posture exercise in standing and lying down.

Standing: try looking at yourself in a mirror and and standing erect as best as possible. You can make it easier and give your body cues by standing against a wall and trying to touch your shoulders and butt to the wall - or as close as possible. Assume the most erect posture you can and hold it for 5 seconds and continue to do so until you can increase up to 10 seconds. This will help strengthen the erector muscles and back muscles.

Also you can do the same with chin tucks for the neck (cervical spine). Try to straiten your neck and tilt you chin down slightly and hold for a couple seconds and work up to 5 or so. I would youtube this exercise from a physical therapist because it is hard to describe on a forum. Or ask your PT, if you are doing PT - but would be surprised that they had not already showed you this exercise.

Also for the core, work on deep breathing exercises. Focus on breathing in through the nose and feeling the expansion in your abdomen. Then breath hard on the way out, trying to maintain erect posture as much as possible but tightening your core. 

Do the above exercises say 10 - 15 minutes a day, 2 - 3 times a day.

Additionally, for more heart racing exercises, try light swimming. Swimming is great for our condition as it does not stress our joints. Also I recommend trying tai-chi or yoga and just do what you can. It helps flexibility.

Then as far as really slimming, in addition to the swimming and yoga, try walking as much as possible and slowly increase your endurance - use AD if you need or do. No harm in that! And then the rest, focus on that diet! That is the most important when talking about slimming, in my opinion and from what I read - especially with our condition where our physical capabilities become increasing limited.

I hope this helps you or someone out there!

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