Do you think this could be AS?

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Hi guys! 

Looking for some advice here. As some of you know, I myself was recently diagnosed, but I have a femaie friend that I have encouraged to seek out a a rheumatologist to investigate the possibility of AS. 

She is 36 years old and over the past year or so she has been having pain over the sides of her hip and back of hip but every time she goes to the doctor, they dismiss it. She has had X rays of her hip but never of her spine! from what she says.

Additionally, her low back begins to hurt when she lays down and states she feels more stiff in her hips and now low back.

To me, it is the sign of AS. Anything else you guys would recommend in asking her or any input?

Thank you again

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Do you think this could be AS?

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She should get screened for HLA-B27 genetic marker. It’s the AS marker. However, not everyone who has AS will have the B27 marker. Hope this helps. 

Do you think this could be AS?

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She should see a rheumatologist. 

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