Unable to enjoy the sun... how do you deal with being unable to enjoy the sun?


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I was lucky enough to catch my the damage to my skin before it became cancerous. I have bouts of actinic keratosis and the doctor informed me that if I continued to suffer UV damage, I would ultimately get skin cancer.

Since then I have taken proactive measures to protect myself form the sun, like wearing hats often, UV protected clothing, long shirts, etc... I used to love going to the beach and enjoy the sun, but now I am the first one to seek shade.

I am just hoping to connect with others who enjoy the sun like me but have had to stop because of the skin cancer or damage to the skin. How do you deal? It is hard living in FL when the family goes to the beach or everyone wants to spend the day out in the sun.

thank you!


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Unable to enjoy the sun... how do you deal with being unable to enjoy the sun?

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Hi burntme... I used to always be in the sun, by the river, or at the pool. All of that caught up to me, so I commend you on catching on to this early! I wish I could say the same for me.

Now, I still hang out with friends by the river or in the sun after certain times of the day, but I always bring shade (or find shade - my friends understand), I wear UV protection clothing (long sleeves), brimmed hat, high SPF protection sunscreen, closed shoes. But yes, it does change the experience, but we have to take care of our bodies first and foremost!

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