My boyfriend suffers from Lupus

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My boyfriend has been dealing with Lupus since 2014, which he says he gets joint pain from and has affected his social life more so recently. It also has affected his hair and, obviously, he has rashes on skin.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can be more supportive. We have been together since 2017.

Thank you

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My boyfriend suffers from Lupus

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All you need do for him is to keep supporting and encouraging him. My husband has been my strength since I was  diagnosed of lupus, when ever is going thru is bad days just be there for him. My own secret of pain dis days has been garlic,  ginger  and green tea. I boil everything and add little honey to taste. Working good for me. And above all, am trusting in God for total healing. God bless u as u stay strong by Him.

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