Cholesterol: How do you monitor your cholesterol levels? Home Test Kits?


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How can you, or do you, measure your cholesterol level on a daily basis?

In those with high cholesterol (aka hypercholesterolemia) and others with certain cardiovascular conditions, being able to measure one's cholesterol levels may be useful to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and/or diet.

Cholesterol Home Test Kits may be a solution; however, they are not currently in wide use. These kits allow one to test cholesterol levels in the comfort of their home.

There are generally three types of home cholesterol tests: (1) one type involves placing a drop of blood from a finger prick on a strip, and then analyzing the level using a colorimetric reading; (2)  another type involves purchasing a small electronic analyzer, doing a finger prick, but the strip is entered into the analyzer, which reads itself and is supossed to be less prone to errors; (3) the third type requires the user to again do the finger prick, but to send the blood samples to a laboratory, where the analysis is done by professionals.

These kits can be found on in drug stores, pharmacies, medical equipment stores, and over the internet at various sites.

According to WebMd, "[t]he reliability of cholesterol home tests varies, and the results can fluctuate" depending on the type and encourages users to consult with a medical provider. Many medical professionals encourage users to not supplement medical visits and tests solely with home test kits, currently.


How about you... let's discuss.

Do you monitor your cholesterol levels? How so? 

Do you or have you ever used home cholesterol test kits? Which type of test did you use?

Do you think these readers are reliable?

Would you prefer to ask your doctor for blood tests?

Is price a barrier for you?

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Cholesterol: How do you monitor your cholesterol levels? Home Test Kits?

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I have never used the home test kits... to be quite honest, I recently found out about their existence from a patient at my physicians office... my doctor said I could always use them to monitor my self, since I have had my cholesterol levels in check for some time. He did not really spend to much time on it about their reliability, etc.

Interested to hear others opinions and experiences.

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