Having to give up what I love... depressed


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I used to enjoy playing the guitar and instruments, but because my task specific focal dystonia, I had to give it up. I don't know anyone personally that has this condition and I don't know many people at all that can even relate or sympathize.

Having to give up playing the guitar was one of the hardest and depressing things. For a while, when the condition was in its early stages, I was able to keep up with it, but then shortly after my ability was gone. I got depressed and never touched the guitar, but then recently I attempted it - tried to change my mental approach and re-train my hands to do it. but it just seems impossible with this condition and the failed attempt made depression even worse.

Has anyone else felt like this? Did this condition make you have to retire and hang up something you used to love and take great enjoyment in?

Would love to talk to others with the similar experience an feeling.

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Having to give up what I love... depressed

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While I cant completely understand your feelings bc my condition is genetics... so it is all I know and I have a lived my life around it - always knowing what I can and cannot do because of it. However, I can understand the feeling of not being able to do something well because of the condition. It still frustrates me after all of these years and the spasms and altered movements - if my misaligned neck didn't - are daily reminders of it.

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