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Hello Carenity members!

I am writing to encourage you to discuss the various treatment methods tried for Type 2 diabetes management/treatment.

There are many treatment methods concerning diabetes type 2 , from exercises to insulin therapy to acupuncture.

What has been some of the most successful treatments for diabetes type 2 that you have experienced, be it exercise, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, insulin therapy, etc. and why?

Through this discussion, hopefully light will be brought to different treatments that have worked successfully for some so that others may discuss other treatments with their doctors.


Beginning of the discussion - 1/23/18

Share your thoughts on the various treatments

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As far as alternative treatments, I have tried bitter melon and acupuncture, but neither had any effect on my blood glucose levels.

The best success I have had is eating right and exercising. Focusing on these two, I have been able to keep my blood glucose level and cholesterol in my desired ranges

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