Cinnamon for helping manage Diabetes and Blood sugar levels?


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Hey Carenity!

There is a new post in the My Library part of the Diabetes Type 2 group, which is also available under the Health Magazine link that discusses the benefits of cinnamon in relation to diabetes.

I thought I would also share an interesting study that was done in 2012 by Ting Lu and colleagues from the Nutrition Research. The study was included 66 Chinese patients, both men and women, with type 2 diabetes and blood glucose levels above recommended targets. The participants were split into three groups: a low dose group, a high dose group, and a placebo group. The low dose gorup took 120 mg of cinnamon a day before breakfast. The high dose group took 360 mg a day before breakfast. Participants of each group took a sulfonylurea, an antidiabetic drug used to manage type 2 diabetes. In the study it found that the participants in the high dose group lowered their A1C from 8.9 percent to 8.0 percent. It also found tha the participants in the low dose group lowered their A1C from 8.9 to 8.2 percent. The placebo group's A1C was unchanged.

Has anyon here used Cinnamon to help manage their diabetes? Please share the results and dosage! This should be an interesting and beneficial conversation.

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Cinnamon for helping manage Diabetes and Blood sugar levels?

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@Lee__R Thank you for this! This seems very intriguing. I am definitely going to look further into this and consider trying this out! I hope someone else comments here regarding this. I would love to hear someones personal results.

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