Nervous - husband still has cancer despite R-CHOP and radiation


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My husband has non-Hodgkin diffuse large b-cell lymphoma since January 2018... He has had chemotherapy with not great success and experienced bad side effects. A lower dose chemotherapy was then started because of the side-effects. Success was initially thought, but then found cancer still present with  PET scan. He has 10 treatments of radiotherapy. PET scan. Cancer is less present... 

Doctor are considering another round of R-CHOP or  clinical trial of a certain new drug... I am just nervous and worried with all the treatments.

Anyone have any success with a different treatment? Anyone else gone through a similar experience?

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Nervous - husband still has cancer despite R-CHOP and radiation

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@mrsmrcharl Hi, I've been away from the site for a while, but I had DLBCL too and am now in remission. How is your husband doing? My doctor told me at the time that R-CHOP has generally great results for DLBCL but that in some cases it's not enough. I hope your husband is doing ok.

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