Share tips and tricks for traveling with Crohn's

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Hello everyone,

Crohn's Disease can create some difficulty and planning when undertaking normal, everyday activities, and, may require more when traveling by air, car, or train.

Some tips shared by individuals with Crohn's on Carenity platforms have been:

1: Get an aisle seat. That way you can relax knowing that you have easy access to the bathrooms.

2: If a route often travelled, learn and be aware of the rest stops or good gas stations that are clean for unexpected emergencies.

What tips do you have for when traveling with Crohn's? Share, discuss, and help each other.

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Share tips and tricks for traveling with Crohn's

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This is a good topic! I am interested to hear others experiences and tips. I recommend everyone get the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America "I can't wait card". A similar card is also available in many different languages from the ibsnetwork. 

This card informs people that you need to the restroom immediately due to a medical condition and literally can't wait. It has come in to save my daughter when she's in places that do not have public restrooms or when, you are in a place where you cannot access a restroom easily or restricted to certain times, like an airplane.

Another recommendation I have when you do travel by air plane that you arrive earlier than others, like 2.5 - 3 hours early and ask to speak to TSA agent manager, show them your "I can't wait card" and explain to them that it is not possible for you stand very long in a line because you may need to use the restroom and being able to wait could not be possible. Generally, they will work with you and provide access for you to be able to be screened apart.

Share tips and tricks for traveling with Crohn's

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1) pack an emergency kit with clothes, trash bag, wipes, gloves, and anything else you may need. It helps in case you can't make it to the restroom. 

2) Try to eat light and things that you can normally handle pretty well to avoid as much unexpected urgency. 

Share tips and tricks for traveling with Crohn's

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The "I can't wait" card is a lifesaver. I find that when you're looking for a bathroom look for a big chain store or fast food chain. They're usually a little less stuck up about toilet access. Some small gas stations or mom and pop's just will not give you access to the toilet, no matter what!

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