How do you cope with Crohn's?

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How do you guys deal with? What do you guys eat.

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How do you cope with Crohn's?

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@Truelove1969 Hello Truelove1969, thank you for opening this discussion. Let me tag some other members who can discuss with you.

Hello members, how are you doing? How do you cope with your Crohn's disease in the day-to-day? Was it hard to accept or come to terms with your diagnosis? Do you have any advice or tips to share with Truelove1969?

Feel free to share your experiences and advice here!

Take care,

How do you cope with Crohn's?

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I have battled Crohn's disease for many years. It seems that there are levels of coping, depending on how severe or if you're in remission. But I do walk, that seems to help my stress levels. Prayer or meditation helps, too. If I'm really feeling well, I'll hit the gym! Then I feel even better about myself! Foods also depend on severity. I follow a strict diet when things are bad. Throughout the years I have learned how to "pick my battles" with foods. In the summertime, watermelon is a must! I try to not overdue it though. I do not eat high fiber foods in general. But everyone is different. Crohn's affects people differently as well. The doctor is a good resource since he/she knows your exact issues with the disease. Be sure that you have a good doctor that is patient and willing to work with you throughout your health journey! :)

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