Sharing my possible experience with COVID-19!

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So this has been a crazy health month for me.  I all the sudden had my feet start swelling prob 3 weeks ago.  Which isn’t to alarming as this happens more often than not but hasn’t in awhile.  My right ankle though decided to be an overachiever.  It got HUGE AND RED AND HOT AND HURT LIKE HELL!  Spent about a week of this.  I have no fallen or hurt myself just “why hello new ailment”.   ?.  So our docs here are all doing video appts and we never actually connected so I said well maybe Monday will be better! Ha! Monday comes and wow! All is right with the world.  My right ankle is a little sore but felt I am better no need for a doc.  By Wednesday I wake up and I have a sore throat.  All day sore throat.  No other symptoms.  Thursday I wake up and it’s worse almost feels swollen shut.  But as I get up and take some otc meds it seems alright.  By that evening I had the body aches so bad I don’t even remember the last time.  Actually I do,  I got sick around October and had a 102.5 fever and the aches reminded me of then.  Absolutely horrible.  Pain meds helped.  Didn’t feel like I had a fever though.  So Friday morning comes and I wake up feeling the same aches and pains, throat feels like it’s almost swollen shut.  I get up and take otc and seem to be better however by 3 I send a message to the doc staff and nurse at my primary care here.  I am in Kansas and we have been on this joke of a “lock down” now for a couple months.  I go on with my day and around 7pm I think oh crap I wonder what the doc said.  Well I check the message and this was my nurses response:

With those symptoms dear, you will need to go over to the express care, so they can evaluate you and test for strep and covid. We can not treat or see anyone here with those symptoms. Many are testing positive without a fever and with only one other symptom. So I would suggest you go over to express care now.

at that point I thought oh I will wait through the night.  I have not went still and done nothing but sleep.  I mean I don’t feel good for sure! But I don’t feel crazy sick??? Am I being ridiculous that I have not went?  

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Sharing my possible experience with COVID-19!

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@Danielle02 Hello Danielle02, thank you for starting this discussion! What a frightening experience! I hope you're feeling better. Please keep us updated on how you're doing as your illness progresses!

Hello members, how are you doing? What do you think of Danielle02's experience? Have you or anyone you know experienced COVID-19 symptoms? Would you have gone to the express care or would you have waited it out like Danielle02? Feel free to share here!


Take care,


Sharing my possible experience with COVID-19!

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I experienced a sore throat, cough, low grade temp (99-100), back in February.  Didn't worry untill I started paying attention to the news about covid 19.  Didn't really think it was covid, but didn't do anything.  Ended up going to my local ER on March 13 with nausea, vomiting, high output from my ileostomy, rash, cough and low grade temp.  Was tested for covid and it was negative. Wish I had asked for an antibody test to see if I indeed have covid-19.  I think I had it in February, just not sure.  

Prayers you feel better!

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