Chrons? Ulcerative colitis?

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Hi all.

I have had problems with my gut since early 2000s. I would have night sweats and constant bowel movements before I finalls saw GI specialist who recommended a colonscopy, even though I was failry young at the time, which he said all was normal and there was no abnormal findings. I was given some medications and that was it.

Recently, I started getting worse pains, especially afer meals and it became almost impossible to work because of constant bowel movements. I saw another GI specialist and another colonoscopy, which found that I had infammation patches of the small intestine. They biopsied them to see if I have colitis.

Does this sound like I have ulcerative colitis? or chrons? I am so confused... thank you for reading

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Chrons? Ulcerative colitis?

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Hey @mrjetson1990‍ what is the update on your situation? I am in a similar boat... basically searching for what is going on with me and from all my reading and googling it seems suggestive that I have some form of IBD. I was diagnosed a while ago with IBS and have been able to control the symptoms by basically taking everything out of my diet and eating no meat, dairy, sugar (except dark chocolate).... basically I am eating nuts and dark chocolate, seriously. This has stopped the crazy constipation and bloating, but the doctor said I should be able to add foods after it is under control, which it has been for some time, but any time I add food... boom I get diarrehea or constipation.

Not sure.... wondering if the doctors missed something and I have IBD and my insides are inflamed? I have not pushed for further investigation because I am at least out of the constant pain, just m diet is next to nothing. 

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