UC: Diagnosis and depression, how to live with it?


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I'm reeling a little because I was just diagnosed yesterday. The doctor told me that it was as if I had a stomach bug and that with the right medication, everything would be fine. I was still a bit under the anesthetic from the colonoscopy, so I took it well and left relieved to know what I had and that I would be receiving an effective treatment.

Then this morning, I starting reading on the internet about people's experiences with UC and I fully realized the full extent of it. I'm going to suffer from this for the rest of my life!

Now I'm afraid to leave home in case of a flare and I know my friends are just not going to understand when I have to cancel on them. I'm feeling utterly alone and helpless. How am I going to get through this?

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UC: Diagnosis and depression, how to live with it?

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Hello @LydiaO'D thank you for opening this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time, receiving a lifetime diagnosis can be difficult to process. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you.

Hi everyone, how are you doing? 😊

How did you handle the news when you received your diagnosis? Has UC had an impact on your mental health? Do you have any words of advice or support for @LydiaO'D?

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UC: Diagnosis and depression, how to live with it?

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Everyone's journey with IBD is different - what your doctor said may actually turn out to be true! Some people, once healed, never have another flare. However, even if you do end up with a flare, there are resources and medication to help you live in a way that works for you. I would just encourage you to find healthy ways of coping with stress and keep track of your triggers. For me, the onset was quitting smoking. There is also a strong connection for me with food, though many IBD experts don't fully subscribe to the idea that diet causes flares. Tracking your symptoms can be a helpful tool in monitoring what causes flares or discomfort. Good luck - you are not alone!

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