Tips on how to deal with UC?


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I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 5 years ago. I am taking the medication called Canasa (an anti-inflammatory) to help.

However, I have been having some flare-ups moderately. There can be weeks were I am flared up the whole week.

I am curious as to what other take to help manage the flare-ups. I am wanting to reduce the flare-ups as best as I can. Any recomendations, food, supplements, herbs, etc.?

Thanks in advance 

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Tips on how to deal with UC?

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Hi @ulc1231‍,

I was diagnosed in my mid-30s and had symptoms probably back when I was in my late 20s. Some tips I can offer is to:

1) Keep a journal of what you eat and write down any such effect it has on you or how you feel after eating that food (so do not consume tons of various foods at one sitting, because then you cannot adequately track its effects. Therefore, you can track what foods may trigger your symptoms.

2) Refrain from consuming to much carbs and sugar.

3) Supplement with vitamin d, collagen, and a high profile probiotic.

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