How old were you when you were diagnosed? How did you perceive it?


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All of us I am sure as we age we learn to live better with UC and learn things along the way. I think it would be interesting for us to share 

1) Age of diagnosis

2) Present age

3) How we think our peers view our condition

4) Anything we learned along the way 

Beginning of the discussion - 1/30/19

How old were you when you were diagnosed? How did you perceive it?

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1) 28

2) 41

3) I think as one gets older you notice people care more and/or are more interested in your condition and how it affects your lifer... by this I mean, as you age you take on better roles generally at work and your real friends and family become slimmer and slimmer... so the people you are generally socializing with care more because the relationshps have evolved to be more important such as at work (your role is generally more important than years ago, so the more people rely on you) and your family and friends (as you grow older, the family and friends you maintain contact with are becoming less and less); however, when you are younger, you tend to have a broader group of contacts of friends and family and your work role is less.

4) UC is not me and I am not going to let it be me nor beat me!

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