How can I support a loved one with ulcerative colitis?


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Hi, so my son has UC and was diagnosed at 16. He's been struggling with it a bit because he just wants to be "one of the guys" and eat and drink whatever he wants, but can't really grasp that he can't eat like his friends. He has flare ups really often because of this. My husband and I try to guide him through this the best we can, but it's really hard. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for us? I'm not sure how to help my son... ? 


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How can I support a loved one with ulcerative colitis?

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@SheilaC Hello SheilaC, thank you for opening this discussion, I've moved it to our ulcerative colitis group for more visibility. I'm sorry to hear your son is struggling with his diagnosis. Chronic illness can really make us feel isolated, especially when you're a teenager and all you want to do is fit in. 

Hello everyone, how are you? emoticon cute How can SheilaC best support her son through his UC? How have you coped with having to adapt your lifestyle to UC? Was it difficult for you too? If you're a relative or friend of someone with UC, how do you support them? Do you have any words of support or advice to share?

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