Digestive ostomy: causes, equipment and psychological impact


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What is an ostomy?

Ostomy surgery of the bowel refers to a surgical diversion from a part of the bowel (small and large intestine), such as the ileum (ileostomy) or colon (colostomy), to the abdominal wall. An ostomy, temporarily or permanently, brings stool and gas to pass through a stoma, a surgically created opening, to be collected in a pouch. It is during ostomy surgery of the bowel where a surgeon creates a stoma by bringing the part of the bowel through the opening in the abdomen and attaching it to the skin to create an opening outside the body. As time passes, the stoma will become narrower and it may be necessary to obtain a smaller pouch.

What diseases can lead to an ostomy?

Digestive tract cancer, invasive cancer affecting neighboring organs, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, and congenital malformation are the main causes of the neccessity for an intestinal stoma, especially if the rectum, colon or intestines are removed.

How to choose stoma medical equipment?

If the choice of equipment is made between the patient and health professionals according to morphology, skin and lifestyle, each patient can change their medical equipment themselves with a little training.

It can be a one-piece device, which is very flexible, discreet and easy to install because of the pre-cut sizes available. Wearing time is generally reduced from 24 to 12 hours.

Another two-piece device (a holder with skin protector and pouch) is recommended for fragile skin because the holder remains in place for 2 to 3 days; of course, the pouch is changed as often as necessary or emptied in the case of liquid or pasty stools.

What do Carenity members think about the stoma?

"Life has been good since then. I can go out without worrying about finding toilets, go to the pool, the ocean, and play sports."

"My illness caused a depression. The stoma makes it possible to feel better physically but it is hard to accept psychologically."

"My husband still has trouble looking at himself naked in front of a mirror, but the stoma has changed his life for the better!"

"It took me a little while to get used to cutting my equipment, but it's just a matter of cleaning the stoma; it's ultimately very easy to manage."

"The devices are more and more efficient, we always find the one that suits us. Feel free to ask to try several of them when selecting yours."

And what is your experience with the stoma? Do you have any questions or concerns about it?

Let's discuss together all the practical and psychological aspects of the intestinal stoma!

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Digestive ostomy: causes, equipment and psychological impact

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Interesting read. I enjoyed reading how members feel of this procedure and how, despite how intense it seems, they have found that it has benefited them greatly!