Has ulcerative colitis affected your mental health?


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I've been living with UC for 5 year and my case is mild and I feel so bad for people who have it worse and daily life is a struggle but what I have found the hardest is how the gut and the mind interact and I've had aniexty but wow has it exploded these past 5 years, anyone else? 

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Has ulcerative colitis affected your mental health?

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Hello @Acenters126‍, thank you for opening this discussion. Like you mention, studies have suggested that there is a strong relationship between the gut and the brain, and the physiological symptoms of UC appear to contribute to psychological symptoms and vice versa.

Have any of you seen your UC impact your mental health? Have you noticed that you feel more anxious or depressed? Or has your mental health affected your UC? How do you deal with it?
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