DMSO for pain? Treating Cancer?


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Hi everyone! New here! I have been doing some research on DMSO  and its ability to assist with pain control and "treat cancer." From the research I have done, it seems DMSO has strong support in health benefits relating back to decades, and its benefits are so great - and since it is natural - that no money is to be made from it.

Also there are clinics and cancer orgs that offer/promote the benfits of DMSO therapy.


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DMSO for pain? Treating Cancer?

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Hey @CLE1974‍, I responded to your other post on this topic also,

For those that did not see my other post it seems DMSO’s efficacy is based on its ability to enter the blood stream quickly and ability to penetrate cancer cells, converting cancer cells into normal cells.

Maybe someone has some personal experience??

DMSO for pain? Treating Cancer?

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Thank you for the help... hoping someone has personal experience.

DMSO for pain? Treating Cancer?

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For pain, I have experimented with DMSO. My pain stems from multiple orthopedic surgeries - over 10 - and many failed and had massive reconstruction to my left clavicle, ligaments, ac joint, and sc joint.

For pain, for me, it did nothing. It is very powerful so make sure you dilute it if you try it because it will cause a deep sensation of burning and redness - which will subside within an hour. I was hoping it would help with pain and/or nerve pain, but I noticed nothing of the sort. However, there are many people who swear by its uses and maybe my type of pain, it may not be adequate for. Wish I could help more.

I do not know about its efficacy for cancer.

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