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Has anyone refused chemo or other cancer treatment for alternative or holistic methods? It's too late in my case as I'm in treatment but I don't think I've really heard much about alternative treatment options. Or at least none were presented to me in all of my various appointments. Just curious.

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Alternative treatments for cancer

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Hello jessiey, thank you for opening this new discussion. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you.

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Have you heard of any alternative treatment options for cancer? Have any of you opted for any complementary or alternative methods? For those who have, what have you tried? Have they helped?

Feel free to share here!

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Alternative treatments for cancer

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I refused chemo...scans all ned, 3years and counting. juicing, positive thinking , good food  lots of rest. Other than cancer tired  ostomy considerstions  I feel good. Now am caretaker for husband, also cancer and  ostomy, stress causes fatigue, I think. 

Alternative treatments for cancer

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I went to 4 oncologists who all said " Poison, Cut, Burn"  This was the 2nd diagnosis of Breast cancer in 6 years.  The more recent was more aggressive, its having gone into the lymph nodes.   I opted to research for  natural remedies.  I kept finding vastly expensive treatments with payment up front all over US anind into Mexico.  Finally googled Naturopath and came up with one near me but she doesn't treat cancer.  She referred me to Dr. Singh in Cleveland OH, Options  Naturopathic Clinic.   All out of pocket.  Keto diet,  Supplements ( I could only afford most essential ones) and detox hydrotherapy.  Had to have tumor and some lymph nodes removed.  Went to radiologist but decided not gor me.  Naturopath said my body was not ready for radiation anyway...need to be in Ketosis which I never have been even though stuck pretty much to diet.   find Sugars tested ok.  Do extensive blood testing.   Eleven vials worth.  Had to find a dr who would put in orders because these are out of the ordinary tests and I've had Drs refuse to do the orders.  Insurance will not pay otherwise. Pain in the neck!  

Oncologist's blood tests showed that I " looked like a woman who has never had cancer"!  Hooray....!  This was 2018 thru 2020 when I had surgery.   Just did tests again.  Will post results as soon as I go over them with Options Naturopathic Clinic.   Everyone take care of YOU.  Not even drs know what is better treatment.   They have to go by latest drug recommendations.   It's a big PHRMA and Insurance scheme.  Do what YOU feel you can deal with.   I questioned myself a lot and prayed a lot.  I just felt I was right for me.  Joellen 


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