What is your most difficult daily task with Parkinson's disease?


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Hello members,

The Parkinson's symptoms can seemingly cause simple, daily tasks to become much more difficult, such as tasks like tying shoes to even buttoning a own shirt.

What do you find to be your most difficult daily task?

Do you have any tips in making that task simpler, easier to do?

Do you have any tips for working around the symptoms? 

Please share and discuss.

Beginning of the discussion - 4/10/19

What is your most difficult daily task with Parkinson's disease?
Member Carenity
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The most frustrating difficult task for me is getting dressed... it is difficult, but not the most difficult thing to do, I assume, but it is by far the most frustrating because of the difficulty it presents and the time it consumers.

It is frustrating also because how do you tell people that you are having trouble getting dressed.

When I know I need to be somewhere by a certain time, I make sure to give me sufficient time, more than needed, to get ready because getting dressed is not only a physical battle for me, but also a mental battle. I have to talk to myself sometimes - outloud or in my head - to keep going and not give up. Does anyone else do this?

I do wear big jackets a lot because they are easy to get on and a zipper is easier for me than buttoning up a whole shirt, even though zipping is not easy at all times and requires patience. I also enjoy using shoes that are velcro so I do not have to tie laces. I do not always wear them - depending on the event or reason I am going out - but using velcro gives me a better chance of getting ready without much or any assistance.