What’s good about being diagnosed with lupus?


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When suffering from a chronic condition, we tend to get absorbed by our symptoms. Sometimes, we feel alone and isolated by this. No one, but us seem to understand. We deal with a lot by ourselves, but at the same time we learn a lot too. We fight and surrender, we are vulnerable, scare and brave all at once, we practice another level of humbleness, we fall and get up, we cry and laugh, we may not be understood but we understand, we practice compassion, empathy and love in this journey. We learn to love and respect ourselves, and learn to listen to our bodies. 

Our whole perception change. Sadly, we see people (family and friends) in our lives go away because of this and witness unexpected people to arrive to our lives with carrying and compassion. We learn to value the good days and see simple frustrating things as nothing because we had been worse. Suddenly, simple carrying gestures mean a lot and we become grateful for simple details such as a day with less pain, a warm blanket, a pair of comfy socks, a home made soup, a phone call from a friend or the feeling of a fresh breeze on our face. It may sound cruel but this is the gift behind the pain; A new you!

Now, I am asking you. What is good about this?

With love 


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What’s good about being diagnosed with lupus?

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And the next day, it's a new you all over again... it is amazing what a body can get use to...

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