Long Covid: What are your symptoms?


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Hello everyone,

How are you today?

Some COVID-19 patients have still not fully recovered months after being infected. Their symptoms persist, continuously or intermittently, reappear suddenly or they experience new symptoms that they had not previously experienced.

What symptoms are you still experiencing? Are they continuous or intermittent? What does your doctor say?

Do not hesitate to share your comments below, your voice and your stories are important!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 1/19/21

Long Covid: What are your symptoms?

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@Courtney_J Sorry if I've written this everywhere, but I saw that no one had commented in these threads and I figure that it's important for people to know if they don't already.

My sister caught COVID in November and was pretty much back on her feet after a few weeks. But she's also still been having symptoms, both continuous and intermittent since then. She has pretty much constant breathlessness and fatigue and occasional loss of taste and muscle aches. Nothing too serious, but enough to be frustrating and to make her want to stay in bed.  Her doctor hasn't been much help other than to tell her to take Tylenol for the muscle aches when she needs it. She was also told to make an effort to gradually get back into exercise because she was a very active runner previously.

Long Covid: What are your symptoms?

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It's been 3 weeks since I have been diagnosed with covid . I'm better.  Fatigue is still there. I get dizzy breathless at times as I have bad asthma . I get some very bad pain in the small part of my back. Like a stabbing hot pain. This is below my waist area. I do have bad arthritis there from being in a bad car accident 45 years ago. When I get this pain I rub analgesic cream on the area and it eventually goes away. I have Never  gotten pain like the?re Ever. I am calling my doctor about it today. Could this be part of Covid-19?

Long Covid: What are your symptoms?

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My main symptoms is breathlessness as too. My lungs are in a really bad  state after having it in October. I can barely do basic tasks without losing my breath, it's terrible.

@Lizzyliz I haven't heard specifically of back pain as being a symptom of long-haul covid, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's linked. It does so much damage to the body. 

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