Life before Long COVID: What do you miss most?


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Hello everyone,

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Living with Long COVID can take a toll on your daily life, as the symptoms can be so debilitating.

What do you miss the most? What do you wish you could get back to in your "normal" life?

Don't hesitate to share and exchange in the comments below!

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Beginning of the discussion - 3/25/21

Life before Long COVID: What do you miss most?

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@Courtney_J What a great question. I miss being able to breathe properly I guess. I apparently have some lung damage from the virus since it really impacted my lungs and my heart and I guess that's something I may have to live with, we don't really know. I become winded at the smallest bit of effort, even just bending over to put on my shoes can do it to me. I wasn't the most active of people before but I feel like even going for a walk in my neighborhood is out of reach for me now.