What is your endometriosis story?


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Hello everyone,

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As you know, endometriosis is a condition that is common, yet poorly understood. Many women experience varying symptoms (or sometimes no symptoms at all!), which can lead to misdiagnosis or lengthy waiting period for a diagnosis. 

So let's share! What is your endometriosis story? What symptoms did you have? How were you diagnosed? Were you misdiagnosed? What treatments have you tried? How are you doing now?

Feel free to share your experiences here! We're all here to share and support one another! 

Take care,


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What is your endometriosis story?

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@Courtney_J Hi, I had 10 years at least of chronic pain because of endometriosis but wasn't diagnosed until the end of 2017. It took a while to get an official diagnosis, I went through various formulas of birth control and NSAIDs that did nothing. It wasn't until I had a really bad flare that lasted more than a month that I was finally diagnosed. I've changed to a different pill in the past year and it has worked a bit for me, but some days the pain and fatigue is still unbearable. 

What is your endometriosis story?

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@endome I went through several doctors before I could find someone who would actually listen to me. I was having INSANE pains at my period that would cause nausea and vomiting. I couldn't get out of bed. I won't even talk about trying to use the bathroom also. I would also sometimes get flu-like symptoms. I was in my junior year of college and trying to get a doctor at the health clinic at school to listen to me and not send me away with Tylenol was awful. Even when I went home to see my regular gynecologist, she didn't really believe me and basically told me it was in my head and that I should watch my weight. Eventually after a few more doctors and a specialist I finally got someone to listen and was eventually diagnosed.

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