Coming to terms with infertility


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Hi, I hope this isn't too dark of a topic. But I was wondering if any one else has dealt with the idea that you may never be able to have children? I had an ablation late last year and from speaking with my gyno and reading online I've understood that I may be unable to get pregnant. I'm having a really hard time accepting it and it's almost all I can think about.

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Coming to terms with infertility

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@endome‍ Hello endome, thank you for opening this discussion.

I think you've raised a topic that is not too uncommon in endometriosis, up to 30-40% percent of endometriosis patients experience infertility unfortunately. Coming to terms with it can be a long process as it's truly a form of grief. There are still fertility options for endometriosis patients, and if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, we just published an article on the topic that you may find helpful: Endometriosis and pregnancy: What is the outlook for affected women?

Has anyone else struggled with infertility due to your endometriosis? Have you been able to turn to other fertility options? How did you come to terms with it?

Feel free to share any experiences or support here!

Take care,

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