Fertility options when you have endometriosis


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My partner and I are wanting to get pregnant, but we haven't been successful on our own because of my endo. My gynecologist is talking about starting intrauterine insemination. Has anyone been through it? Has it been successful? I've heard that the process can be really hard with the drugs and hormones they put you one like Clomid. Looking for any experiences.

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Fertility options when you have endometriosis

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Hello @Minnie‍, thank you for opening this discussion. If you haven't seen it already, we published an article a few months ago about fertitilty options when you have endometriosis. You can read it here: Endometriosis and pregnancy: What is the outlook for affected women? 

Hi everyone, can anyone share their experience with fertility treatments when you have endometriosis? What was the process like? How long did it take? What type of treatment did you undergo? What was your experience like?

Feel free to share here!

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