Changing liver enzyme levels - what to think?


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My liver enzymes have been high for several years now and they reached 4 times the normal level.   I am getting another biopsy done this week to see what stage it’s in and see if it has turned into cirrhosis or cancer.    I just had the blood work done and the liver enzymes went down.  Does anyone know why they would go down all of a sudden? 

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Changing liver enzyme levels - what to think?

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@Stammer Hello Stammer, thank you for opening this discussion. Please don't hesitate to ask your doctor about your blood results if you have concerns. In the meantime, let me see if some of our other members who may not have seen this yet can share their insights on this. emoticon cute

Hello all, how are you today? Have you ever experienced a sudden change in liver enzymes? Do you know what could cause it? Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences with Stammer!

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