Surgery for endometriosis: Share your experience!


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Hi, I've been on several different medications over the years and nothing has work.

My doctor and I are starting to talk about more invasive treatments. Has anyone done surgery for your endo? What is it like? Is it painful? What's recovery like?


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Surgery for endometriosis: Share your experience!

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Hi @Minnie‍, thank you for opening this discussion. Surgery can often be a daunting treatment option to look at, so I know that you're not alone with your questions and hesitations. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you!

Have any of you undergone surgery for your endometriosis - laparascopy, laparotomy, hysterectomy...? If so, can you share your experience? How did you prepare? How did the procedure go? How was your recovery? Has it helped your endometriosis?

Don't hesitate to share here!

Take care,

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