Endometrial ablation: Share your experiences and advice


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Hello ladies,

I've had endometriosis for at least 8 years now and it's just gotten worse and worse each year. Nothing I have tried has worked, so my doctor is encouraging me to have surgery to remove scar tissue and a possible cyst. I'm hesitant to do it because I've heard that surgery isn't really effective because the tissue just grows back and that the recovery from it is horrendous.

I'm wondering if I should just forget the whole thing and go for a hysterectomy? Can anyone share their experiences either on surgery or hysterectomy? I'm really tired of this disease and if a hysterectomy will just nip it in the but I may just go for that.


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Endometrial ablation: Share your experiences and advice

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@endome Hello endome, thank you for starting this discussion. Let me tag some members who can maybe share their thoughts and experiences with you:

Hello all, how are you today? emoticon cute  Have you gone through surgery for your endometriosis? Did you decide to pursue a hysterectomy? What was either experience like? How was your recovery? Do you have any stories or advice to share with endome? Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Endometrial ablation: Share your experiences and advice

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@endome I know in my case, my doctor wouldn't let me get a hysterectomy because I hadn't had children yet. Seemed kind of sexist to me, you know, my body, my choice? I feel like they don't bat an eye when men ask to get their tubes tied. 

Endometrial ablation: Share your experiences and advice

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@cristalis Thanks for the tag. I guess I can share an update on this. It was the same for me, my doctor really discouraged me from getting the hysterectomy because of my age so I ended up just going for an ablation. I was really nervous about the whole thing, especially the recovery because I'd heard it was awful. They put me under for it so I had to stay the night. I had bleeding and some really bad cramping after and they gave me some painkillers for it. And i couldn't work out or do any heavy lifting for about a week and a half afterward. I'm due for my annual checkup soon so I'm really praying that it hasn't grown back.

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